Day 48-49: Amed

Amed is another dive town whose best dives are in Tulamben. Apparently before travelers could stay in Tulamben divers would take day trips from Amed. Since the dive operators in Amed didn’t have much enthusiasm for the dives there we opted for snorkeling. We rented motorbikes and went along the coastal road for several kilometers, stopping every now and then for each snorkeling site. Neither Brian nor I (nor Myriam) had ever driven motorbikes. They aren’t difficult to use, but a little tricky to turn.

Camilla on her motorbike

We snorkeled what they called the “Japanese Wreck.” We don’t know any of its history. It was a nice snorkeling site, but far to shallow for diving. Myriam was kind enough to use our camera to take some pictures of an underwater rendevous (see the gallery at the end of the post).

To save a bit of money we stayed off the main drag in a little homestay. There were roosters, hens and chicks, and piglets roaming around freely. In the evening we found a whole host of hens roosting in a low tree. It was hilarious!

A little piggy in the yard of our homestay

In Amed all three of us got $5  full body, one hour massages on the beach. They were wonderfully relaxing.

In addition we went on a sunset “fishing” trip which consisted of our guide trailing a line behind the boat as we zigzagged across the bay in a tiny fishing boat. The sunset was nice, but the fishing part was a joke.

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